Nearing Half-time in 2012 – Checking on tech trends

At the beginning of 2012, I’d put a list of potential tech trends. Checking in on them five+ months later, this is what we see:

  • The revenge of the “publishers”: Does not look like publishers have figured anything out yet. Quite swamped with the plethora of devices, tools and channels!
  • Integrated advertising: There is an improved interest in this issue. Other than large investments in DMP’s, the how-to is still an open issue
  • New ad creative formats: Have not seen anything exciting yet. GM demanded some new formats from FB but nothing new on the horizon!
  • Changes in media consumption habits of consumers:Lots of anecdotal research. However, little stable behavior. With tablets entering the mix of devices at scale, this issue got more complicated!
  • Global sourcing of tech talent: Lots of startups on techcrunch seem to be focusing on this, but validating quality is an issue not yet solved. Global sourcing is till very process/KPO oriented rather than product development oriented.
  • The integrated open source toolkit: Nothing yet. More divergence rather convergence. As a starting step in the right direction, check out Clojure with Datomic !. More maturity and robustness in the different opensource toolkits and languages.
  • Enterprise apps revisited with cloud and social media: Some high profile acquisitions. Only the future will show these are being used within an enterprise.
  • Integrated consumer view of Amazon, E-Bay, Google, Facebook,Yahoo, Twitter: Not seen one yet..but lockerz and the like seem to be building one around a social id.

Nothing majorly new other than the ebb and flow around the FB platform and the patent tangles.  Open question to follow – Is “social”  desktop centric or mobile centric ?