Chromecast – A quick primer

Was looking for good mirroring solutions at home and work that works across iOS, Windows and Android.  The toss up was between AppleTV  ($99) versus Chromecast  ($35). Chromecast Setup was painless, download chromecast app for your OS, install appropriate Chrome extensions (if you want to use Chrome browser on your PC/laptop to mirror your screen). Below is a quick table of what is working and where.

OSX (Mac)AndroidiOSWindows
Chrome BrowserMirror tabs with
Does not workDoes not workMirror Tabs
YouTubeWorks awesomeWorksYoutube app - separate download - Works awesomeWorks well
NetflixWorks wellWorksNetflix app works wellWorks well
OtherPandora etc. yet to testYet to test
CommentsFull screen mirror does not support audioChrome Browser does not workChrome Browser does not work

A useful resource is the Chromecast product forum. May be would make a good Christmas gift at the office!